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Transparency Award 2015
For the third time, Eletrosul is recognized as one of the most transparent among capital companies closed by the National Association of Finance Executives, Administration and Accounting (Anefac). In the edition 2015 of the Transparency Trophy, the company, together with Eletronuclear and Furnas, controlled by Eletrobras, and sanitation Bahia state Embasa were four private companies that stood out among the nearly 2000 who had their valued balances.
Best and Biggest Exame Magazine
Eletrosul was among the 100 largest companies in southern Brazil, taking the 75th position in net income, according to an evaluation by Exame magazine in the edition Biggest and Best 2015. The company occupies the 9th position among the ten companies that recorded the highest revenue growth and 10th place in current liquidity, in Santa Catarina. Among the 1,000 companies in the country evaluated, Eletrosul also improved its position, rising from 532º place, in 2014, for the 514ª position in the current ranking. In the list of the 50 largest state of various segments, the company ranked 46th. 

Corporate Citizen Award

With Community Gardens Program, Eletrosul won the Company Citizen Award 2015in the category Community Participation. The program was created in 2011 as a strategy for managing the security of areas located under the power transmission lines. Apart from raise awareness about the risks of irregular occupation of these areas, the initiative stimulates the production of organic foods, improving the quality of life and family income. It is the seventh consecutive time that the company receives the award by the Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Santa Catarina State (ADVB/SC).  

Best of Isto É Dinheiro magazine
The 2014 edition of the ranking of business Isto É Dinheiro, in its 11th edition, brings Eletrosul in 5th place among the best companies of the country's energy sector. The company also occupies the 3rd place in the categories human resources and corporate governance. From the analysis of information from financial statements and management reports of the participants, the magazine chooses the winner in 29 sectors of the economy analyzed. In this list, the company of the year is chosen, as well as the top five companies in innovation and quality, financial sustainability and environmental responsibility.
500 Largest South Amanhã Magazine
In the ranking of the Amanhã Magazine in 2014, in Porto Alegre (RS), Eletrosul took the 17th place among the 500 largest in the Southern Region, up three places from the 2013 survey. Among the corporations of the State of Santa Catarina, the company occupies the 6th position. For the classification of companies are assessed revenue, profit and assets.
Procel Seal for Buildings
The administrative headquarters of Eletrosul in Florianópolis, and the company's maintenance sector, in Campos Novos (SC) are the first buildings in the country to receive the Procel Buildings seal. The certification was launched by Eletrobras in November, when Eletrosul is honored as a pioneer in the adoption of architectural and technological alternatives of energy efficiency and rational use of water in its facilities.

Seal  Gender and Race Equality
For the fourth consecutive year, Eletrosul receives the Gender and race Equality Program  seal, given to companies that have excelled in developing new conceptions of people management and organizational culture to achieve equality between women and men in the corporate environment.
Corporate Citizen Award ADVB/SC 
For the sixth consecutive time, Eletrosul won the Corporate Citizen Award, granted by the Association of Brazil Sales and Marketing Managers in Santa Catarina(ADVB/SC). The award in the category Community Participation contemplated the Corporate Volunteering Program, which began in 2010 with the realization of campaigns and trainings to encourage employees, former employees, family and colleagues to develop community work.
Best and Biggest Exame Magazine
Eletrosul It is among the 15 best companies of the country's energy sector, occupying the 6th position, ranking second Best and Biggest 2013 Exame magazine. Also appears with the 7th fastest growing sector in higher net sales and 2nd place in current liquidity. Figure in 411th place among the 500 largest in net sales and ranked among the 100 largest in the south of the country, occupying the 58th position. The state stratification, took second place among the ten companies of Santa Catarina with the highest growth in net sales. Ranks 2nd also between Santa Catarina companies with best results in current liquidity.
Label level A energetic efficienc
The headquarters of Eletrosul in Florianópolis (SC) received the label level of Energy Efficiency,certifying that the facilities are designed to reduce energy consumption in air conditioning systems and iluminação.Construído in the 70s, the building also features solutions for rational use of water.
Trophy Sesi Sports
For the 7th time conquest, the Trophy Sesi Sports for the best performance in the regional and state steps in the metropolitan region of Florianópolis. With the participation of 154 employees divided into 53 types, the company a strong presence in the competition, winning 12 times the first row and the fourth title in the overall standings.
Best of Isto É Dinheiro magazine
Among the big companies of electricity sector, Eletrosul figure as deputy leader in corporate governance and one of the top five in innovation and quality, and human resources. The yearbook of the magazine Isto É is the most complete and comprehensive corporate ranking of Brazil, which evaluates companies according to financial sustainability management criteria, human resources, innovation and quality, environmental responsibility and corporate governance.
500 Largest South Amanhã Magazine
Occupies the 6th place among the 100 largest companies in Santa Catarina and the 20th place in the ranking of the Southern Region.
Human Being Award
With Community Gardens Program, Eletrosul achievement in the category Social and Environmental Project, the Human Being Award 2013: organized by the Brazilian Association of Human Resources., which recognizes professionals and organizations that contribute to the evolution of the practice of People Management.
Green Project Awards Brazil 2013
With Efficient House, it is one of the finalists of the second edition of the Green Project Awards Brazil 2013 in the category Efficient Management of Resources, being among the first 10 of a total of 60 registered projects. The award is co-organizing the National Institute of Technology, under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and recognizes the best sustainability practices developed in Brazil.


Transparency Trophy
It is one of five privately held companies in Brazil honored for the second time, with the Transparency Trophy, the National Association of Finance Executives,Administration and Accounting (Anefac), in partnership with the Institute of Accounting Research Foundation, Actuarial and Financial (Fipecafi) and the company Serasa Experian.
Ecology Expression Award
Biggest environmental award in the Southern Region grants Eletrosul the Green Wave trophy, the Alto Uruguay projects in the category of Environmental Control Technology and Efficient House, in the category Social and Environmental Technologies.
ODM certification
Received during the Second State Symposium of the Millennium Development Goals, in Florianópolis. Eletrosul, which has all its actions framed in the Millennium Development Goals (ODM), sponsoring social projects and formally supports two UN initiatives: the Global Compact and the Millennium Development Goals.
COGE Foundation Award
With Efficient House, it is one of three finalists for the Award classified COGE Foundation, in Environmental Responsibility Actions category. In its 12th edition, the prize had 82 projects from 35 companies in the electricity sector.
500 Largest South Amanhã Magazine
Eletrosul reaches the 7th place among the 100 largest in Santa Catarina and the 28th place in the South. The magazine analyzes the Weighted Value of Greatness (VPG) of each company index resulting from the balance sheet and income statement. By ranking, VPG Eletrosul reaches R $ 1.92 billion.
Label level A energetic efficienc
The new facilities of the Campos Novos Maintenance Sector - the first sustainable commercial building Eletrosul - They obtained the label level energy efficiency A, in accordance with the Brazilian Labeling Program(PBE). With 560 square meters of built area, the project brings together solutions seeking energy efficiency and rational use of water.
Brazil Environmental Action Award
For Best Work on Energy Efficiency, Eletrosul receives the award for the first stage of the Alto Uruguai Project. The award, sponsored by the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), honors the leading personalities and companies that contribute to the preservation of the environment and promotion of innovations in various sectors of the economy.

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