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Order to face the challenges of the energy sector, development and technological innovation in Eletrosul are permanently fostered by policies, strategies and guidelines related to the business of the company and Eletrobras, meeting the demands of the competitive environment. Eletrosul prioritizes the research of new technologies in the areas of power generation and transmission, and seeks to disseminate sustainability and scientific knowledge through a partnership with renowned universities, research centers and businesses.
The partnership of nearly 40 years with the Research Center for Electric Energy (Cepel)enables the holding of meetings, technical meetings and specific projects, covering energy, economic and financial studies, supervision, control and protection of electrical systems, planning and operation, and transmission equipment technology.
To invest in R&D, companies submit to the Aneel a program composed of one or more projects, containing the physical and financial goals of the proposal. The R&D projects regulated by Aneel are in accordance with Law No. 9,991 , of July 24, 2000, art. 24 of Law No. 10.438, of April 26, 2002, and the art. 12 of Law No. 10,848, of March 15, 2004. Learn more 

Network Passive SensorsIs intended to create a network of sensors for equipment integrity measurement in power systems with wireless transmission. What is sought is to prevent system failures and lower operating costs

Hydraulic Turbine MagnusIs intended to develop a hydraulic turbine that uses giant cylinders (motorized) instead of blades in order to take advantage of the Magnus effect, bringing the yield compared to conventional turbines for the production of by-river power


Solar Grade Silicon Purification -Developed with Criciuma Educational Foundation (Fucri), sponsor of the Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense (Unesc), the project aims to provide the purified silicon to solar grade - raw material for the manufacture of photovoltaic cells used in solar modules.

Use of BauxiteIntend to use plasma technology to develop a process for the treatment of bauxite impregnated with insulating oil. Currently, bauxite, resulting from transformer oil regeneration process, is a hazardous waste that must be disposed of in suitable landfills. This treatment will transform it into a non-toxic material and with possible industrial applications.

Central Power Generation from Biogas (R&D STRATEGIC ANEEL) Eletrosul is deploying in Itapiranga in the west of Santa Catarina, a central power generation up to 400 kilowatts (kW), which will be fueled by biogas produced in at least 12 properties of pig farming– most already have biodigesters installed during the Project Alto Uruguay, held with Eletrobras. In addition to the power generation - which will be connected to the local power grid - the project will identify the best alternative technique of channeling the farms to the biogas generating plant. 

Eletrisol II -Development of industrial processes for the manufacturing of solar cells with aluminum paste.

National biodigester - The company is developing studies that proposes the creation of a digester with national technology for treatment of waste from agricultural production, compatible with the characteristics of the composition of waste, the peculiarities of the Brazilian weather and other variables that affect the process of digestion. The research seeks to better energy utilization of biogas and more efficient in stabilizing the organic matter,as well as developing a prototype with alternative technologies that meet versatility, efficiency, ease of construction and maintenance and low cost. 

Experimental Solar Power Plantl (R&D STRATEGIC ANEEL) - Eletrosul has installed in 2015, a photovoltaic plant research, the administrative headquarters of the company in Florianópolis (SC). The project covers an area of 442.5 square meters and brings together five different technologies of solar photovoltaic generation such as,thin film, polycrystalline silicon and cadmium telluride, with 6 kW of total installed capacity. The project also provides for the integration into a Solarimetric station and the deployment of the electric system for connection to the system of supervision and control of photovoltaic Megawatt Solar Power Plant

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