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Since its inception as a public company for power generation and transmission in 1968, Eletrosul comes transposing financial crisis in the electricity sector and the political changes in the country. One example was the privatization process occurred in 1998, when all its generation facilities has been sold.


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Eletrosul timeline

2010 a 2014

  • Wins the auction for the construction of the hydroelectric plant Teles Pires, with a capacity of 1,820 MW in Mato Grosso (participation of Eletrosul is 24.5% of the work, ie 445.9 MW);
  • New Brand Launched of the Eletrobras System and hence Eletrosul;
  • Ranked among the 150 best companies to work for in Brazil, according to the Guide VOCÊ  S / A –and EXAME Magazines;
  • With the Federal company TELEBRAS, signs infrastructure usage assignment of the transmission and fiber optics system;
  • Signs loan agreement with the German bank KfW of EUR 2.8 million;
  • Inaugurates the complex Cerro Chato Wind Farm (90 MW);
  • Inaugurates the Passo São João hydroelectric plant (77 MW);
  • Inaugurates the Mauá Hydroelectric Power Plant (445.9 MW).
  • The participation of Eletrosul is 24.5% (177 MW);
  • Brazil and Uruguay signed the minutes of electricity interconnection projects management commitments;
  • Inaugurated Hat Barra do Rio PCH (15.15 MW);
  • Inaugurated the new premises of the Campos Novos Maintenance Sector (SC), its first sustainable building;
  • Performs the first auction of own energy sales;
  • Hydroelectric Plant São Domingos (48 MW) comes into commercial operation;
  • Inaugurates the first Telecentre Itaipu, on the border with Uruguay;
  • Signs term sheet with Itapiranga City (SC) for the implementation of a biogas plant;
  • In 2013, records the full operation of all hydroelectric plants, totaling 337.05 MW;
  • Inaugurates the small hydro plant in João Borges (19 MW).
  • In December 2013, Eletrosul completes 45 years of foundation consolidating its position as a national reference company in transmission and generation of renewable energy.
  • With more than three months in advance, TSBE (southern Brazilian energy Transmitter) energized in February, the first transmission line segment in extra-high voltage (525,000 volts), known as ¨Linhão do sul¨, bridging the Salto Santiago (PR) Hydroelectric to the Itá electrical substation (SC), with a length of 188 km.
  • Start of commercial operation of the wind farm Cerro dos Trindade, which is part of the project to expand the Wind Complex Cerro Chato in Sant'Ana do Livramento (RS);
  • Signing the work order for the construction of Wind Complex Fields Neutral in Santa Vitória do Palmar and Chui (RS). With investments of approximately R $ 3.5 billion, gathers Geribatu Chui and Hermenegildo plants (583 MW), with capacity to meet the consumption of 3.3 million inhabitants.
  • Inaugurates the Megawatt Solar Power Plant (1 KWh), administrative headquarters in Florianópolis (SC) - the largest complex of integrated photovoltaic generation in Latin America to a building;
  • Participates in the special scheme to ensure the operation of the national electric and telecommunication systems during the World Cup 2014. Part of the 1600 km of optical cables the company was responsible for the simultaneous transmission in high definition of all matches played in Curitiba (PR) and Porto Alegre (RS);
  • Celebrates 10 years of the return to generation activities, after the end of privatization. In the period, investments totaled R $ 5 billion and more than 2 GW of installed capacity in operation and under construction;
  • Conducted the first auction for sale of energy from the Megawatt Solar Power Plant;
  • It is the first Brazilian company to receive the Procel Building certificate for the administrative headquarters and the maintenance sector in Campos Novos (SC);
  • Concludes the main batch transmission auction 004/2014 of ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy), comprising 1852 km of transmission lines,7 substations and expansion of 14 units in Rio Grande do Sul. He also won lot in Mato Grosso do sul, where 266 km of lines will be deployed, one sectioning, a new substation and expansion of two existing units. Investments totaled R $ 3.2 billion.
  • Coordinates the update of the Wind Atlas of Rio Grande do Sul State prepared by the Agência Gaúcha for Development and Investment Promotion (AGDI) and launched in December 2014;

2005 a 2009

  • Inauguration of the new Operation Center Eletrosul System (COSE), one of the most modern in the country;
  • Achievement in the new energy auction, the Passo São João hydroelectric plant (77 MW), in Rio Grande do Sul State;
  • Winning the lot for construction of the Mauá Hydroelectric Power Plant, the third new energy auction, in consortium with COPEL;
  • ANEEL (National Agency of Electric Energy) transfers to Eletrosul the granting of hydroelectric plant Santo Domingo, in Mato Grosso do Sul State;
  • Win in partnership the auction of the hydroelectric plant of Jirau, first venture outside of its area of operations, and winning three lots of Madeira River Transmission Lines;
  • Eletrosul, in partnership with Wobben, won the race for the establishment and operation of Wind Complex Cerro Chato, consisting of three parks of 30 MW each, located in Sant'Anna do Livramento (RS);
  • Wins Award for Best Electricity Company in the country, the ISTOÉ Money magazine for five consecutive years;
  • The first generation MWh Eletrosul, stored solar energy in the pilot plant (photovoltaic coverage) at Headquarters;
  • Joining the the Global pact of the United Nations (UN);
  • Opens the Efficient House, which is among the certified projects during the launch of National Energy Conservation Label, directed to homes and multifamily buildings;
  • Energy full interconnection of the Santa Catarina island (Florianópolis) via submarine cables, to the National Interconnected System;
  • ISO 9001: 2008 - Central Office Equipment and recertification of the supply area.

2000 a 2004

  • Retake the condition to participate in the electricity generation segment in March 2004 (Law No. 10,848), concurrently with the approval of the New Electricity Sector Model;
  • Authorization to carry out emergency basis, works to reconnect the Florianopolis island to SIN, because of accident during maintenance in the distribution network, which left the island in the dark for 52 hours;
  • Received the Valor 1000 Award, offered by the newspaper Valor Econômico, as the best performing company in the electricity sector;
  • The Paraná Regional Office receives the recognition in the bronze medal in the 2002 cycle, and gold cycles in 2003 and 2004, the Quality Award of the Federal Government Program (PQGF), coordinated by the Ministry of Planning, Budget and  Administration;
  • Publication of the ELETROSUL first Social balance.

1995 a 1999

  • Eletrosul inclusion in the National Privatization Program (PND);
  • Inauguration of the thermoelectric unit Jorge Lacerda IV, with capacity of 350 MW and 11% increase in the generation capacity of the company. Jorge Lacerda, with its four units totaling 832 MW, it is the largest thermoelectric complex of Latin America;
  • Privatization of ELETROSUL Generation ;
  • Eletrosul becomes an electricity transmission company, with about 30% of its original size, and closes the period with 1,325 employees;
  • Eletrosul, as the first federal company for electricity transmission, goes also to act temporarily as the National System Operator (ONS) for the Southern Region;
  • Down 13 towers of the Transmission Line Areia-Campos Novos, 525 kV, caused by winds with gusts exceeding 170 km / h. The recovery work was carried out by a staff of 248 people, on an ongoing basis and in partnership with others in the industry, providing a national record with the recovery of all the towers in just 13 days;
  • Implementation of Substation in Sant'Angelo (RS).

1990 a 1994

  • Eletrosul starts the remote deployment program of 16 substations of 230 kV and 138;
  • Citizens Action Core formation against Hunger and Poverty and for Life, thanks to the solidarity of the employees of Eletrosul;
  • Inaugurates the Converting Frequency of Uruguaiana, connecting the Argentine and Brazilian electrical systems to the power of 50 MW.

1985 a 1989

  • Creation of the Board of Directors, a collegiate body of deliberative functions passing to divide the business management with the Executive Board;
  • Into operation four more substations, increasing the capacity by 1,706 MVA.

1980 a 1984

  • Mato Grosso do Sul joins the Eletrosul area of operation ;
  • The nominal installed capacity of power generation of the company reaches 3,222 MW. The extension of transmission lines in the different tensions, adds 6047 km. The processing capacity reaches 4,662 MVA installed in 15 substations.

1975 a 1979

  • Into operation the first units of Thermoelectric Complex Jorge Lacerda and Salto Osório;
  • Enlargement in 1637 km of new transmission lines;
  • The headquarters and the central office company start operating in Florianópolis (SC).

1968 a 1974

  • Creation of Southnern Brazil Power Plants in SA - Eletrosul, a subsidiary of Eletrobras, regional context, based in Brasilia and central office in Rio de Janeiro;
  • Beginning of generation and transmission of electricity in the states of Parana, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina;
  • Construction of hydropower plants Salto Osorio and Salto Santiago, both in Rio Iguaçu, Paraná, with pioneer and systematic work to reduce environmental impacts and preserving natural resources;
  • Transmission system construction linking the three southern states;
  • Operating a 492 km of transmission lines;
  • In 1971, effectively begins to generate electricity, to incorporate thermoelectric Charqueadas;
  • In 1972, are incorporated in Thermal Power Alegrete and Thermoelectric Society Capivari SA (SOTELCA);
  • Start of operations of the hydroelectric plant in Passo Fundo, located in Rio Grande do Sul State.

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