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The use of energy-efficient construction techniques has always been present in architectural projects Eletrosul, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability.In regional units and older substations, for example, resources were adopted as applying sunscreen tabs, thermal blankets on the flagstones, shading and cast elements to facilitate ventilation and indirect lighting, which contribute to reducing energy consumption. From the excellence of proven results in Efficient House, which serves as a research laboratory on thermal comfort, lighting and rational use of water, the company is increasing the use of energy efficient solutions in their endeavors. Thus, Eletrosul has received nine energy efficiency labels for buildings, distributed to five buildings. In Santa Catarina, the level A label was issued for Efficient House and the administrative headquarters of Eletrosulin Florianópolis, and the Regional Centre for Maintenance and Support Operation in Campos Novos (CRCNO).In the state Rio Grande do Sul, the highest rating, to the design phase, was issued to the Wind Complex Visitors Center Cerro Chatoand the Regional Center for Operation and Maintenance in Sant’Ana do Livramento (CRLiv), both under construction in the city of Santana do Livramento.


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Efficient House (SC)

Area: 206 m2

The Efficient House was built in 2004 by Eletrosul, headquarters building next door, in Florianópolis, in partnership with the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Laboratory of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. The residence was the first in Brazil to win the Brazilian Program label Labeling (Eletrobras/Procel – Inmetro), dedicated to buildings. Received three labels in the level design steps, simulation and building built.

Features: architectural design based on thorough study of the bioclimatic conditions in the Pantanal neighborhood in Florianópolis, where the residence was built. It has integrated systems and solutions for energy efficiency and thermal comfort, including technologies such as photovoltaic power generation connected to the network, air-conditioning, solar water heating, use of rainwater, recycled water for irrigation and use of equipment that provide low consumption.

Check the video which was produced during the construction of efficient home.


Maintenance Sector in Campos Novos (SC)

Area: 558 m²

Opened in 2013, was the first administrative building Eletrosul to obtain the energy efficiency label A level.The recognition, built building design phase, included the provision of architectural resources to better use of natural light, thermal insulation and rational use of water.

Features: It has prioritized the use of efficient light fixtures and air conditioners, double-glazed windows and special tiles. It has a "Sustainable Tower" – where are the reservoirs of drinking water supplies rain water (10,000 liters) and hot water (solar heating). On the roofs, the part facing the north orientation, has a proper tilt for the best use of sunlight throughout the year, aiming at photovoltaic generation.


Headquarters in Florianópolis (SC)

Area: 26.110,40 m²

When it was built in the 1970s, he has met the eco-efficiency techniques as thermal and lighting protection, which contribute to reducing energy consumption.The structure was designed considering the minimization of impacts to future reforms. Also received in 2014 the label level to built building project. On the roof of the building and parking lots, hosts the Megawatt Solar Power Plant,the largest complex integrated photovoltaics to a building in Latin America.  

Features: Between 2005 and 2007, the acclimatization and lighting systems of the building have been modernized with the installation of high brightness lamps and electronic ballasts in all areas. The bathrooms have been remodeled and gained equipment to reduce water consumption,as sensors to the valves and flushing systems and urinals. The headquarters, with the building in Campos Novos, It was the first in the country to receive the Procel Buildings, released by Eletrobras in 2014 to recognize energy efficiency solutions to commercial and residential buildings.


Visitor Centre of the Wind Complex Cerro Chato

Area: 406 m²

Features: The modern visitor center, as well as energy efficiency and energy conservation applied to architecture solutions, will feature a hybrid power generation (wind and solar) composed of photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine approximately 10 meters high. There will be reservoirs for drinking water and collection of rain water, solar collectors for water heating and a roof "green" to help in thermal insulation.


The Regional Centre for Maintenance and Support Operation in  Sant’Ana do Livramento (CRLiv)

Area: 1.217,60 m²

Features:The CRLV the building adds engineering solutions such as use of rainwater and systems for photovoltaic and wind power generation similar to the Wind Complex Visitor Centre Cerro Chato. It also has sewage treatment plant by the root zone.


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