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Integrated Sustainable Development Program A- A+

Gathers the programs, projects and actions carried out by the company with the communities surrounding its facilities, projects and areas of business prospecting.

The Eletrosul Integrated Program for Sustainable Development (PIDSE)aims to consolidate a management tool that is aligned with the Social Investment Policy of the company, to business, to the holding of guidelines, reports business management, to strategic planning and to  the National Program "Brazil Without Poverty", from the Federal Government.

It integrates six practices permeated by the establishment and strengthening of networks and multi-sector partnerships:


Meet some of the actions developed by Eletrosul through PIDSE

Community Entrepreneuship Centres-Deployed by Eletrosul in partnership with municipalities and the Adelina Institute - environmental foundation hosiery Dudalina – aim to provide administrative, income generation and quality of life for members of social programs families. The initiative is to provide space and equipment for sewing, patchwork capacity for the production of articles and advice on the administrative and financial management of projects. nowadays, are deployed in Santana do Livramento, Santa Vitória do Palmar, Candiota and Nova Santa Rita,  in  Rio Grande do Sul State, and Campo Belo do Sul, Lages e São José do Cerrito, in Santa Catarina State

Community Gardens program-  It is developed since 2001 as a strategy for managing the security of areas located under the power transmission lines, called easement strips. As well as educate communities about the risks of irregular occupation of these areas, provides opportunities for the production and diversification of food, enhancing income and recovery of citizenship through work and training. The gardens were established in about 30 locations in the states of Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Parana and Mato Grosso do Sul, through partnerships with community associations, municipalities and private companies and research and extension.

Open House Program-Aims to guide children and adolescents aged 9 to 12 years of social, environmental and economic related to energy. Currently, the program is aimed at students of the 5th year of elementary school, receive information about the responsible and safe use of electricity, generation, transmission and distribution, conservation and combating waste, care for the environment, the main sources and alternative energy sources. Created in the 1990s, it is developed in the Eletrosul's headquarters in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina State, regional units and itinerant format. The Open House Program has partnership municipalities and departments of education and has helped approximately 280 thousand children and 15 thousand teachers in 2,500 public schools and private.

Corporate Volunteering Program-Created in 2010, it aims to encourage employees, ex employees, their families and service providers to engage in developed citizenship actions in the company's operating states. The initiative enables volunteers to work in accordance with the availability of each offering as share options to individual membership, collectively, or by social organizations. For Eletrosul, the Corporate Volunteer Program is a manifestation of citizenship and commitment that brings gains for workers, business and community.

Young Lion Citzenship- Eletrosul encourages employees, retirees and family members to set aside part of the income tax due as a donation to the Children and Adolescents Funds (FIA). The awareness campaign is mainly between the months of November and March, with special actions on International Volunteer Day on December 5, when there is disclosure of social projects and lectures on how to donate

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