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Eletrosul is committed to implementing and maintaining its operating assets to full compliance with environmental legislation and respect the people covered by all projects. To do so, follow the guidelines of the Environmental Policy of Eletrobras, applied in accordance with the technical and scientific, political and social demands and international agreements to which Brazil is a signatory, such as the Climate Convention, Agenda 21 and the Kyoto Protocol Eletrosul strives to preserve the environment with concrete actions, doing their part to make a better world for future generations.



Eletrobras Environmental Policy

Drawn up in 2006,the  Eletrobras Environmental Policy aims to guide the treatment of environmental issues with the principles of sustainability. The version in force is structured in three levels. They are "Principles" and "General Guidelines", that summarize the essence of the environmental commitment of Eletrobras Companies, and "Thematic Guidelines", which seek to provide adequate operational dimension to the arising needs of practices of environmental management.

Eletrobras Sustainability Policy

Aiming at the economic and financial balance, social and environmental of its operations, was established in 2010, the Eletrobras Sustainability Policy, that guides the corporate sustainability actions of the holding company. The document, drafted by representatives of all businesses, contains items related to social responsibility, environment, economic and financial solidity and corporate governance. Also points out the responsibilities of boards and committees sustainability of Eletrobras Companies and organizational units.

Declaration of commitment on Climate Changes

Institutionalized by Eletrosul in February 2013, The ELETROBRAS Declaration of commitment on Climate Changes demonstrate the alignment of the holding company with global trends in corporate sustainability and with the current requirements of the market and of society. Among the commitments made in the document are to ensure the implementation of greenhouse gas emissions management actions, prioritize renewable energy projects and act in the support of studies related to climate change, in order to identify and understand their impact on the Brazilian power industry and seek new technologies to minimize them.

The Inventory of Greenhouse effect gas amissions

The development of greenhouse gas inventories is the first step for a company to contribute to the fight against climate change and see new business opportunities in the carbon market, attract new investment and planning processes that ensure economic efficiency, energetic or operational. Eletrosul participates in the preparation of the inventory since 2009, taking jointly with Eletrobras committed to demonstrate transparency of business activities.

From the diagnosis secured by inventory, companies can establish strategies, plans and targets for the reduction and management of greenhouse gas emissions, engaging in solving this enormous challenge for global sustainability.

Inventories of Eletrobras companies follow the methodology of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - IPCC (2006) and the guidelines of the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard for accounting and reporting emissions

The annual publication of the inventory is a commitment of Eletrobras, in line with its Sustainability Policy. Click the links below to access the information (in Portuguese):

2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2003 a 2008

Campaign Against Fires

Since 1994, Eletrosul develops the Annual Campaign Against Fires, which seeks to inform the public about the risks of fire in areas close to transmission lines and substations, to avoid interruptions in the system. Held in all the company's operating states, especially in the period of greatest incidence of fires, between the months of May and November, the awareness work is done with the residents through home visits and distribution of informative material.

Social and environmental initiatives

The environmental responsibility guide the actions of Eletrosul in its generation and transmission business.Constantly, the company develops initiatives seeking to minimize the impacts of their activities on society. All actions are coordinated, monitored and reported by Eletrosul in the vicinity of its projects.


Social and environmental initiatives in Hydropower Plants (in portuguese):

Ações socioambientais da UHE São Domingos

Ações socioambientais da UHE Passo São João




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