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The very Eletrosul transmission system comprises substations 46, sendo two frequency converter( converter Uruguaiana and  converter Porto Velho),with higher processing capacity to 25 thousand MVA, well as 10,800 km of transmission lines. It also has stakes in over 32 substations and 802 km of transmission lines owned by other companies,in which the company has installed equipment E bays, or provides maintenance and operation service, with a total transformation capacity of 1,602 MVA.

Investments in transmission – own and partners – totaling approximately R $ 2.1 billion. Are being implemented, seven sets of projects resulting from Aneel auctions a set of works associated with the interconnection Brazil-Uruguay(in partnership with Eletrobras),and several small extensions authorized by Aneel, as well as improvements and reinforcements to existing installations.

By 2015, the company will have more than 15,000 km of lines – on average 14% of the country's transmission system – evidencing its commitment to increase the reliability and flexibility of the national electricity system.

National Benchmark - Based on analyzes of recent years,Eletrosul obtained the smaller reduction of tariffs in the definition, by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the new value of the Allowed Annual Revenue (RAP) – that the transmission companies receive compensation for providing system and public service. It was also the company with the best performance and the only one to achieve the highest rating by Aneel, em ranking aferido por meio de indicadores associados à qualidade do sistema de transmissão.

New Projects - Until 2018, Eletrosul will deploy the projects won in the Transmission Auction 004/2014 of Aneel (National electricity agency), held in November 2014. There are more than 2000 km of lines in Mato Grosso do Sul state, and especially in the Rio Grande do Sul State, and eight new substations and expansion of 16 existing units. Besides the size and technical complexity of the work, the planned investment is pretty high- more than R $ 3.2 billion-, which implies the search for new funding sources. 



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