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Eletrosul sells the electricity generated in its power plants, gathering sufficient expertise and experience to meet market needs. Through 2014, the company has fully complied with the Electric Power Purchase Agreements in the Regulated Environment (CCEAR),derived from the sale of physical guarantee of hydroelectric power plants Passo São João (RS), Mauá (PR) e São Domingos (MS). Eletrosul also sells energy from small hydropower plants Barra do Rio Chapéu e João Borges (SC) and from the Solar Megawatt Power Plant in Free Market (ACL).  
The energy of these projects has a higher sales value, because buyers have 50% off the right in the distribution or transmission tariffs, the case of small hydroelectric plants, and 80%in the solar power plant case. With the full integration Wind Farm Complex Cerro Chato by Eletrosul, from May 2013, the Reserve Energy Contracts Management (CER) became part of the sale portfolio. All energy from the plants Cerro Chato 1, 2 and 3 are sold through auctions, ensuring revenues in excess of R $ 20 million per year. 

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